Why Suffer From Back Pain
 When You Don't Have To.
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Are you one of the millions of people that suffer from back pain? Have you tried everything, and nothing is working for you? Then you have come to the right place.

Why should you spend your hard earned money on expensive medications, chiropractors and surgeries when you don't have to? In fact, choosing any of these methods could cause further complications and serious health issues.

I want to cut through all the clutter and noise about back pain, and make it simple. You don’t need all the hype, lies and mis-information that you have heard in the past! Be sure to watch the videos on this site and get your copy of my book, 15 tips to back pain relief and ground breaking DVD BACK PAIN 101 absolutely FREE. I promise you, that you will be blown away by what you learn. I have been a Chiropractor for over 20 years and have been able to helps 90% of people that walks in my office. People come into my office in pain, but always leave with a smile! I hope I can do the same for you!
Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn From
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  What Doctors and Chiropractors will not tell you about back pain

  The real difference between back pain and Muscle Stress

  How pain killers are a TOTAL WASTE of TIME!

  Why people in Haiti have the answer to back pain

  The story of the man they said no one could cure

  "MUST ASK" Back pain questions for your health professional

  Five things you can do today to ease pain
Read These Success Stories I Received From Actual Patients of Mine.
“I am 73-years-old and I am playing softball again, now that my lower back is pain-free thanks to the Dabbs Accelerated back Care System.”
Jim Gary, Retired

“Before the Dabbs Accelerated Back Care System, I had many surgeries and fusions to the lower back and felt I was reaching a life of disability. After using the Dabbs Accelerated Back Care System, I now have the function and the confidence that I will not be handicapped for the rest of my life, and can carry on to do things that before would have prevented or
impeded me.”
Gordon Travloar, Accountant

“Using the Dabbs accelerated back care system, I find it to be a life-changing experience because now things that were very difficult to do before are now easy again. It’s the little things in life that I missed and I have my life back now.”
Moria Allen, Administrator

“I haven’t felt this good in years using the Dabbs Accelerated Back System.” 
Eve Lamb, Financial Analyst

“Before I had back pain and I could not play any sports or do any activities for months, but now after the Dabbs Accelerated Back Care System I can play soccer, golf, softball, baseball, all at 99% pain-free.”
Donald Jackson, Administrator

“After having months of severe lower back pain, I am now 100% pain-free, thanks to Dabbs Accelerated Back Care System.”
Laura Henry, Administrator

“Now that I am using the Dabbs Accelerated Back Care System, I have a good night’s sleep, I can do all my chores, I can drive with no pain for the first time in years.”
Candice Cotton, Social Worker

“Before I was having severe back pain for many years. However, after using the Dabbs Accelerated Back Care System, I had incredibly fast and immediate results and now have no more pain.”
 Steve Rosche, Musician & Producer

“Using the Dabbs Accelerated Back Care System, in just a few short weeks, I had complete relief of my back pain.”
 Mary Siegel, Administrator

“Before I could not sit at all and had severe lower back pain and could not enjoy my family. Now after using the Dabbs Accelerated Back Care System, I can once again sit and enjoy my family and it feels great.” 
Karen Kurtz, Administrator

“Doing proper rehab exercises and stretches will keep your back in good shape and the Dabbs Accelerated Back Care System uses the exact exercises involving strength, proprioception and flexibility to reduce your back pain. This system works.”
 Kevin Glover, Former NFL football player for Detroit Lions

“I had surgery for lower back pain and the surgeons said they need to do more surgery because I still had pain. However, upon doing the Dabbs Accelerated Back Care System for six weeks, I now am virtually pain-free and can avoid future surgery.”
 Jane Jacobik, Advertising

“Before using the Dabbs Accelerated Back Care System, drugs were making us groggy and we felt like we were not enjoying life. A very short time after using the Dabbs Accelerated Back Care System, we feel great and we now feel we can live a normal life without pain. The system gives you all the tools and it saved us thousands of dollars in Doctor’s bills and saved us time in multiple trips to the Doctor’s office”
 Donna & Don Cook, Guidance Counselor/Teacher